School Data Backup & Recovery

Schools handle a whole lot of sensitive and important data, from information on students to educational materials and more. You need to be certain that the data you store is kept secure, and is accessible even in the worst case scenario. Our Cloud backup and recovery services are designed to give you peace of mind, giving you a market-leading solution to keep everything safely backed up.

Cloud-Based Data Backup

We offer a comprehensive Cloud backup for schools, all managed through an intuitive online dashboard. Backing up data in real-time, our backup and recovery solution ensures that your data is recoverable at all times, whether you're dealing with accidental deletions, ransomware infections or even physical disaster.

Designed to save you a significant amount of money while delivering a more effective and customisable solution, our backup and recovery system also features completely configurable automated reporting, letting you see exactly what's going on with your storage at any time.

Secure Backup for Education

One of the most important aspects of any backup system for schools is the security of that system. Created specifically with schools in mind, our service is fully compliant with SIMS for schools and MIS for academies, and is certified for ISO 9001 & 27001.

Using state of the art data centres, our backup and recovery system enables compliance with requirements and advice from organisations and legislation like the Data Protection Act, Ofsted, the Schools Financial Value Standard and the Information Commissioner's Office.

Emergency Data Recovery

If anything goes wrong with your school's computers, you need to be able to recover your data as soon as possible. With our backup system, recovery is simple - using our intuitive online panel, you'll be able to securely restore any lost data.