SurfProtect® Content Filtering for Schools

Schools have a legal obligation to protect students from harmful content online, and an effective content filtering solution is a major part of that protection. By blocking off dangerous, radical or adult content online, schools can let students access and use the Internet safely, advancing their learning in a more secure environment.

Our SurfProtect Quantum content filtering software is an industry-leading solution for education, used by a huge number of schools across the UK. The latest version of our SurfProtect service, SurfProtect Quantum is an advanced, Cloud-based filtering service delivering complete flexibility, secure filtering and a host of features previously only available through expensive hardware-based options.

Right now, our team's working to add fantastic new features to SurfProtect Quantum before official release (though it's available right now in early access). On this page, you'll find a quick overview over what makes SurfProtect Quantum the best choice for filtering - head over to our SurfProtect website, or get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more!

Completely Customisable Filtering

Many schools have completely different requirements for their content filtering. We've designed SurfProtect to give you complete control over how your filtering functions through a simple, intuitive control panel. Starting off, you can quickly set up one-click umbrella settings - meeting the Prevent Duty's requirements, blocking adult content, or even setting up a Walled Garden.

You can also manually design filtering policies - restrict certain categories of content, block particular websites and keywords, or even block certain file types entirely.

With SurfProtect Quantum, you'll now get even more flexibility, as our service now categorises HTTPS-encrypted sites, giving you improved control over how your school's connection is used.

Secure, Cloud-Based Filtering

SurfProtect Quantum is now a completely Cloud-based service, making it far easier to install, customise and maintain. Traditionally, Cloud-based filtering hasn't been able to do everything, with expensive hardware being necessary to activate some of the features that schools need most.

However, with the release of Quantum, we're able to deliver incredible filtering performance, with our service giving schools an unprecedented level of content filtering performance at absolutely all times.

Along with the great features that SurfProtect Quantum enables, there's another key advantage - we've been able to hugely cut the cost of our market-leading filtering, particularly if you're already using connectivity from Exa Networks:

License Annual Cost
SurfProtect Quantum (Primary Schools without Exa Connectivity) £750
SurfProtect Quantum (Secondary Schools without Exa Connectivity) £1000
SurfProtect Quantum (Primary Schools using Exa Connectivity) £100
SurfProtect Quantum (Primary Schools using Exa Connectivity) £250

Advanced New Filtering Features

SurfProtect Quantum incorporates a wide range of effective content filtering features, with a whole lot more set to be implemented in the near future. We've highlighted a couple of key features below - get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to find out more about how SurfProtect Quantum can support your requirements.

Active Directory Integration: An effective new feature available through SurfProtect Quantum, Active Directory Integration lets you assign bespoke content filtering profiles to individual users, user groups (such as staff and teachers), and individual computers, giving you complete filtering flexibility.

Complete Site Categorisation: SurfProtect Quantum categorises websites (including HTTPS-encrypted ones) based on their content, letting you build a filtering policy which excludes any kind of content that isn't appropriate for your school.

Advanced Filter Analytics: With the SurfProtect Quantum analytics suite, you'll get a full view of how your Internet connection has been used, including the sites that have been visited or blocked, along with web searches, while an effective search engine lets you see exactly what's happening.