SurfProtect® Content Filtering for Schools

Schools have a legal obligation to protect students from harmful content online, and an effective content filtering solution is a major part of that protection. By blocking off dangerous, radical or adult content online, schools can let students access and use the Internet safely, advancing their learning in a more secure environment.

Our SurfProtect content filtering software is an industry-leading solution for education, used by a huge number of schools across the UK. Along with our paid options, we provide our basic SurfProtect Cloud software free to every Exa customer - read on to find out more about the features and advantages that SurfProtect offers!

For a more in-depth look at our content filtering solution, head over to our SurfProtect website, or get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234!

Completely Customisable Filtering

Many schools have completely different requirements for their content filtering. We've designed SurfProtect to give you complete control over how your filtering functions through a simple, intuitive control panel. Starting off, you can quickly set up one-click umbrella settings - meeting the Prevent Duty's requirements, blocking adult content, or even setting up a Walled Garden.

You can also manually design filtering policies - restrict certain categories of content, block particular websites and keywords, or even block certain file types entirely.

Using our SurfProtect Fusion option, you'll get an even greater level of customisability - you'll be able to set up different filtering profiles for different groups of users or computers.

SurfProtect® Cloud & Proxy

Completely free for any school using an Internet connection from Exa, SurfProtect Cloud brings you convenient, customisable and completely intuitive content filtering.

Working on any device that connects to your school's network, SurfProtect Cloud provides real-time classification of any HTTP site and allows you to block any HTTPS secured site, making it an effective tool for education.

SurfProtect Proxy offers the same features that our Cloud service offers, but is designed for schools using Internet connectivity from other ISPs. Priced at £500 a year, SurfProtect Proxy can hugely benefit your school - get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more!

Features Included with Cloud, Proxy & Fusion
Complete Filtering Customisation
Classifies Website Content
Block Websites & Content Types
Instantly Apply Setting Changes
Bring-Your-Own-Device Filtering
Prevent Duty Compatible

SurfProtect® Fusion

SurfProtect Fusion is a hardware-based content filtering solution built to provide schools with an even more comprehensive content filtering solution than our Cloud option offers.

Along with all the great features of SurfProtect Cloud, Fusion offers an even greater level of control over your filtering. You'll be able to filter the content of both HTTPS and HTTP sites in the same way, while establishing different filtering profiles for any group of users, computers, or user accounts.

We only charge Exa Education customers for the additional hardware and maintenance that SurfProtect Fusion requires to function, while the solution is still available to non-customers with some additional costs.

Features Included with Fusion
Full HTTPS Filtering
Per-User/ Per-Computer Filtering Profiles
Search & Youtube Filtering
Application Control
Firewall Hardware