Internet security is absolutely vital for schools. Along with our industry-leading SurfProtect Quantum content filtering, we offer a number of market-leading security services to keep your school as safe as possible. On this page, we've put together some information about our most popular security products - get in touch at 0345 145 1234 to find out more about what's available for your school.

Safeguarding Online with NetSupport DNA

NetSupport DNA is an effective tool designed to support your school's online security on an unprecedented level, giving you a truly comprehensive look at how your Internet connection is being used.

Unlike many other safeguarding options, NetSupport doesn't just record when a safeguarding policy is triggered, instead taking a full log of how the user in question is behaving online, making it far easier to identify any potential causes for concern in your school.

The highly customisable NetSupport panel lets you get even more in-depth with your safeguarding, giving you a number of log formats - save the log itself, screenshots, videos, word clouds or even webcam photos!

Real-Time Network Visibility

Uniquely, NetSupport DNA isn't just designed for safeguarding and security. It incorporates a complete asset management suite, letting you see exactly how every device connected to your network is being used.

This feature means that NetSupport can be a major advantage when it comes to budgeting, giving you the tools to easily identify potential savings, while a complete remote asset control suite letting you set policies governing exactly how devices on your network function.

Market-Leading FortiGate Firewalls

A firewall is an essential tool for every school's cybersecurity policies, letting you regulate access to your school's network and completely block unauthorised access of any kind. We've teamed up with industry-leading firewall manufacturer Fortinet to offer schools some of the most effective firewalls available on the market to date - the FortiGate series.

Built to give you powerful, completely scalable and highly customisable network security, the FortiGate range of firewalls can suit the needs of any school or academy, with up-to-date security performance keeping users safe at all times.

With round-the-clock security research through the FortiGuard Labs, real-time updates enabled, quick IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) speeds and far more, FortiGate firewalls deliver truly unmatched security performance.

Complete Network Protection

With FortiGate, you'll have the ability to identify, analyse and report any security alerts, ensuring that you're always aware of potential risks to your school's network and able to take the necessary preventive action.

Exa Education preconfigures and manages your firewall according to the individual security requirements of your school - all completely free as part of our dedication to giving our customers truly outstanding service on all levels, no matter how specific a setup you require.

As an example, if your school is part of a cluster or Multi-Academy-Trust, you may want to be able to securely access the networks of other schools in the group. Here, we'd be able to set up connections between the different sites - or even set up those connections for individual computers or users.

Essentially, a FortiGate firewall gives you the freedom of access that you require while ensuring that your school's network remains completely protected from intrusion.

You'll also get complete visibility over all traffic entering or leaving your network, making it possible to identify and report any viruses or malware.