Internet security is absolutely vital for schools. Along with our industry-leading SurfProtect content filtering, we work with leading firewall provider Stormshield to supply your school with a comprehensive form of network protection. This Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution consolidates all your school’s security needs into one centrally-managed device for your convenience and security.

Complete Transparency

The StormShield firewall gives you complete visibility over your school's network activity. The firewall views events on all computers and devices, making it a vital diagnostic tool for investigating traffic fluctuations.

This visibility combines with the firewall's analysing feature to produce detailed, easily filterable reports which let you look into any traffic fluctuations that your network experiences and resolve any anomalies.

Real-time Visibility

Along with the detailed reports that StormShield enables, you can also view and assess the status of your network security in real-time. You can visually track live traffic in real-time, create a filterable list and detect any vulnerabilities in the applications deployed in your network.

StormShield also lets you view the status of any VPN connections you have in place, and which users and services are active, giving you have constant and complete network visibility.

Archived Reports

StormShield reports are archived in compliance with relevant regulations, ensuring that all suspicious activity is recorded in a searchable, transparent format.

For example, if there have been attempts to access blocked material, if viruses have been detected, or if any security alerts have been raised, you'll be able to reference them and provide evidence in case of any e-safety incident.

Complete Protection

The StormShield UTM solution's ability to identify, analyse and report any security alerts ensures that you're always aware of potential risks to your school's network and take the necessary preventive action.

Exa Education preconfigures and manages your firewall according to the individual security requirements of your school - with the UTM offering complete control over connections, we can provide as specific a setup as you want.

As an example, if your school is part of a cluster or Multi-Academy-Trust, you may want to be able to securely access the networks of other schools in the group. Here, we'd be able to set up connections between the different sites - or even set up those connections for individual computers or users.

Essentially, the StormShield gives you the freedom of access that you require while ensuring that your school's network remains completely protected from intrusion.

You'll also get complete visibility over all traffic entering or leaving your network, making it possible to identify and report any viruses or malware.

Finally, we can block proxy avoidance software entirely, stopping users from circumventing your network - removing a potential security breach.