School Internet Services

Exa Education is one of the leading independent Internet Service Providers for schools and academies across the UK. We're focused on delivering excellent performance at a cost that typically beats both local authorities and other independent competition across the board. We look to provide our customers with solutions built to fit their needs from the ground up, whether that's high-speed connectivity, our market-leading content filtering solution, or practically anything else.

Below, you'll see some of the main areas we cover - don't hesitate to call our team at 0345 145 1234 if there's a particular service you're interested in.

School Broadband Connectivity

We provide a complete range of options for Internet connectivity, covering practically all requirements and budgets. Whether you choose a leased line service, FTTC broadband or any other option, you can be assured of top-quality performance at all times, backed up by award-winning support.

Along with the connectivity options we provide across the UK, in certain cities we're able to supply completely next-generation connectivity with DarkLight, which delivers ultrafast, future-proof performance at a price far below that of leased line options.

SurfProtect Content Filtering

Provided completely free to our customers, SurfProtect is an advanced, completely customisable content filtering service designed to let schools decide exactly how their Internet filtering functions. Through an intuitive online panel, authorised users can decide exactly how their content filtering operates, with real-time updates giving you total convenience.

Using SurfProtect, you can customise your filtering policies to block off particular types of content, allow or block particular sites, and immediately meet the Prevent Duty's requirements.

Custom Wide Area Networks

Wide Area Networks allow for the secure and speedy transfer of data between various areas, allowing for resource sharing, communication and more. We've worked to design custom WANs for a wide range of organisations, with our experienced network engineers able to design you a network that meets your needs exactly.

WANs can provide a major advantage for Multi-Academy Trusts, making it easier than ever to pool and access useful resources, while helping improve organisation.

VoIP Packages for Schools

With schools regularly having to make a huge volume of calls, phone bills can end up truly skyrocketing. Using a bespoke VoIP package from Exa Education, you'll be able to hugely cut down on the cost of making calls, while bringing in a great range of convenient new features.

Data Backup and Recovery

Keeping data safe at all times is vital for any organisation, and is particularly important in schools, where data loss can prove absolutely catastrophic. We offer a high-quality data backup and recovery service, automatically storing data, and allowing for recovery at any time.

Computing Support from

Designed to Inspire, Support and Promote Computing in schools, our exa.founation runs a huge range of events across the UK, from TeachMeets to professional CPD and hackjams. Many of the events we organise are set up for schools using Exa services - in many cases, we'll be able to organise events based around your needs and interests - get in touch to find out more!