ExaVoice VoIP Services for Schools

Internet telephony, or VoIP (Voice over IP), is an effective way for schools to cut down on the cost of phone bills, using your Internet connection in place of a traditional phone system. Along with cost savings, VoIP brings in a new level of flexibility, introducing a range of effective new features.

To give schools an unmatched level of VoIP flexibility, we've developed our personal take on VoIP - ExaVoice. From the start, ExaVoice lets you build bespoke VoIP packages to perfectly suit your school's requirements, backing that up with impressive new features - and budget-friendly pricing. On this page, we've put together some information about what makes ExaVoice the best VoIP choice for schools - get in touch at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your school's particular VoIP needs, and find out how ExaVoice can help!

Cutting Down Call Costs

One of the most immediately useful benefits of VoIP services is the fact that they can hugely cut down on the cost of phone calls. Because switching to VoIP removes the need for a traditional telephone system, you can immediately cut down on equipment costs - for Multi Academy Trusts, these savings can ramp up to a huge level.

Schools using ExaVoice will also typically save a significant amount of money on phone calls - all of our packages include a large number of call minutes per month, with schools typically benefiting hugely from the lowered cost of phone calls.

Flexible VoIP Services

Our VoIP service can do a whole lot more than save your school money. As a a completely centralised service, ExaVoice integrates both fixed and mobile phones, letting you take calls or listen to voicemail from practically anywhere, and easily transfer calls between staff.

There's no limit to the amount of users that a VoIP system can support (though low-bandwidth connections can be an issue if you're making multiple calls at once), so the system is completely scalable, working just as well in a multi-academy trust as it does in a single school.

ExaVoice also incorporates an easy to use web interface, extensive call recording options and complete emergency continuity if anything goes wrong - you'll always be able to carry on making and taking calls.

Bespoke VoIP Packages

Exa Education is one of the few ISPs to specialise in providing completely bespoke Internet service packages to schools, and VoIP is an area where a custom approach is extremely useful.

We let you build bespoke VoIP packages based on the requirements that your school has - the number of phones, call minutes and extensions that you need. This helps cut costs even further, ensuring that you don't have to pay for anything you don't need - we also let you change your package at practically any time once it's been set up.

With every school having different requirements for their VoIP service, there's no better choice than Exa Education - get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your school's requirements!